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In the fall of 2016, she started to experiment with cosmetics and she soon learned that she had a passion for it. Soon after leaving her previous school, she received her license from the esteemed "Paul Mitchell the School." Throughout her journey, she has had support from family & friends who are proud to say she has found her calling! Jayla has worked with people such as Mikki Taylor, J. Bolin, and Karis Renee, which is only a few of her celebrity clients. Jayla is also the creator of the Mirror Press. Which is a modern-day form of the silk press that gives natural hair a more relaxed look, Jayla is humbled and excited to work with you!

Jayla Hamilton grew up with a very artistic mind, she indulged in abstract style painting, which she sold throughout her high school years. Although Jayla struggled with finding her niche after high school, she ended up attending college to major in accounting. However, traditional education is not what God had planned for her.

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